Casas de Santo Antão is located in Impasse da Fonte, parish of Arco da Calheta, municipality of Calheta, with a total area of 1,951m2. The houses has a floor area of 566m2, and the remaining 1,385m2 corresponds to individual and communal amenity areas and a water reservoir supplying the entire development, located east of the northernmost house.
This single-family housing project is suited to the requirements of a modern family looking for a space with very specific characteristics. In a rural setting, Casas de Santo Antão is built on land with plenty sunlight and an exquisite green landscape, in a quiet area, following a regional rural layout, embracing modernity and which provides you with contemporary comfort, while fully respecting its surrounding bucolic environment.
All houses have 3 bedrooms and 2 floors. Although the number of rooms in the detached houses and row houses is different, all houses share the same general concepts; the connection with the outdoors is a priority, with large spacious rooms, some of which allow access to the garden.
This project has seven residential houses, all of them with two floors, identified with letters A to G, from South to North.